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The Details

Danish designer glasses with a dramatic frame that harks back to the 70s. The glasses radiate handmade Italian quality and the material is natural acetate. These are for you if you want to turn back time. The Corcovado glasses are characterized by:

The dramatic frame with its characteristic rounding

It’s versatility which complements both loose clothing and a tight outfit

The Corcovado glasses are inspired by the 70s with its dramatic frame. The glasses are also adapted to that period’s clothing style, which was more free than today.


Enjoy this frame in cheetah, vintage horn and amber tortoise.

Corcovado - Cheetah
Our Giving Back Mission

Corporate Social Responsibility

For every pair of glasses sold, we donate to the NGO Reedsynet, which helps with eye-care issues around the world. We may be a small start-up, but we believe we can make a big difference.


Where To Get Eye Tests

If you don't know your prescription, no need to worry. Simply head down to (almost!) any optician and they will carry out an eye test for a small fee.