Nightsky Tortoise

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The Details

If you’re after Danish design and top Italian quality, the Sophia glasses are for you. You will also appreciate that the frame is made from natural acetate. See below why you should choose the Sophia glasses: 

You get a frame that exudes Italian charm

The glasses are made of natural acetate

This model is named after Sophia Loren, who once joked "Everything you see here is made of spaghetti." OK, we see Mrs. Loren’s cat eyes and thank you for the spaghetti.


Choose from 4 colors for the Sophia glasses: deep black, nightsky tortoise, smokey rose and deep blue.

Sophia - Nightsky Tortoise
Our Giving Back Mission

Corporate Social Responsibility

For every pair of glasses sold, we donate to the NGO Reedsynet, which helps with eye-care issues around the world. We may be a small start-up, but we believe we can make a big difference.


Where To Get Eye Tests

If you don't know your prescription, no need to worry. Simply head down to (almost!) any optician and they will carry out an eye test for a small fee.